The Beauty of the Peacock hunt
January 11 – February 1, 2013

Your gift must be a new creation.
The gift must be of the same or better quality as items in your store.
Your gift must reflect what you sell.  Example:  If you sell dresses please do not give a chair.
Your gift must have something to do with Peacocks. 🙂
Your item must be made by YOU!  It must be original and must never have been given away for free before!  That means MM Boards, and group gifts too!!!!!
Also, after the hunt it MUST NOT be a freebie!!!!!!!  Your item must be something you are willing to sell at full price in your store.
*Please contact me if you have issues – i am flexible and understanding.

I need a variety of vendors ………please apply!

Fill in the application and send to RAINDROP LOWBEAM – If you send it to anyone else it may result in me not getting your application or it might get in late!

Make sure to rename the Notecard:  Peacocks:  (STORE NAME/ YOUR NAME)
ON YOU OWN NOTECARD!!!!!!!! Please copy and paste this, so i can reach you easily.

Please do not delete or omit any entries – everything must be filled in!  Thank you!  :)

The Beauty of Peacocks Hunt

Your SL Name:

Your Store Name:


Sim Rating: (G, Moderate, Adult)

What do you Sell?

Are you interested in sponsoring the hunt? (A spot at the top of the hunt {first come first serve}  Logo on every page of the website, ONE link of your choice, and NEW an Ad a week in the group notices) 800L
IF YES please provide a Logo, an URL of choice (Market place, or a blog, or your SLURL – your choice).

Hunt Item Ideas:
Photo of a sample product OR the actual sample (I prefer a photo):

We take applications until the hunt is full, and then take wait list stores.
Vendor welcome packages will be distributed upon approval.


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